The Exactus Expert system is a system for intelligent search and scientific papers analysis.

Exactus Expert opens up massive opportunities for work with scientific papers such as: semantic search and navigation in structured collections of text documents, user collection building directly from search results, search for thematically similar documents, publication activity analysis, verification of article compliance with formal requirements, analysis of scientific fields and research teams.

Data base includes over a million documents: articles from the journals recommended by the VAK, foreign academic journals, proceedings of Russian and foreign conferences, theses abstracts, Russian and foreign patents.

Here you will find documents from various academic disciplines: physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, medicine, applied sciences (from food engineering to information technology), social sciences and humanities (psychology, sociology, political science), earth sciences.

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Internal error

An internal error has occurred.

Вышла новая версия системы Exactus Expert.

Добавлены следующие возможности:

• Фокусировка поискового запроса с помощью ключевых слов и словосочетаний, характеризующих поисковую выдачу;

• Настройка размера резюме и количества ключевых слов документа;

• Получение подсказки по всем функциям и параметрам системы.

Усовершенствованы ключевые алгоритмы системы, включая алгоритмы анализа научных публикаций и научных коллективов, алгоритмы поиска похожих документов;

Значительно пополнены коллекции системы, в общее количество документов теперь составляет 1857949 документов.


A new version of the Exactus Expert system has been released:


  • English user interface was added;
  • some functions of analytical processing of information were improved;
  • collections of foreign magazines and patents were broadened and the other collections were updated.


Approximate number of documents in the system stands at 1,5 million.


The most recent version of Exactus Expert system has been released.

The following options were added:

  • search with regard to documents’ structure (author’s terms definitions, references, results);
  • quality assessment of the documents from search results;
  • research teams analysis;
  • search for scientific fields.

Data base was broadened with new collections of Russian and foreign patents.